About Me

About Me

My name is Deborah O’Neill, I have been training dogs for over 6 years,  I not only, have proven practical experience but also academic knowledge. Within the dog training sector there is a lot of miss information and incorrect training methods and research still circling. It is an ever-changing sector, every day, we learn more about our Canine Companions. As a professional dog trainer, it is imperative that we keep up to date with the most recent research and training methods to best benefit our dogs mental and physical health.  I regularly completely new Training and Behaviour courses, attend seminars and learn the new methods of training. Professional Development is essential in this sector.

I first gained a love for training when I was much younger. My family and I used to work alongside several dog rescue, rehabilitation, rehome and foster charities. Most of my childhood was spent learning and working with dogs with behavioural issues. I absolutely lived for watching the dogs start to come out of their shells and become happy individuals! Its amazing to see that bond and trust being built up again. These amazing life experiences made are what made me want to become a professional dog trainer.

I did this for around 10 years then a started Mizz Pawz, initially as a dog walker with my end goal to also offer training and Behavioural services. I spent many years building up my knowledge and experience, doing professional courses, shadowing trainer’s, and learning as much as I possibly could.  

In 2014, I was finally ready to offer dog training and Behaviour work as a service along side the Dog Walking. It was a dream come true, something I’ve have always had a great passion for and have worked so hard for so long finally came to fruition! Offering the 1-2-1 training services is so rewarding, watching dogs improve, building their mental health, watching owners build stronger bond with their dogs, helping dogs reach their full potential and helping owners understand their dog’s.

No matter your schedule or circumstances Mizz Pawz can offer a range of services to meet the needs of you and your dog ensuring they remain happy, healthy, well cared for, active and stimulated. Keeping a dog active and stimulated can help to keep them happy and well-balanced and helping to prevent boredom, behavioural problems and health problems.

We can offer long-term or short-term services and dog walks in a variety of locations ranging in length and time from 30 minutes to 1 hour and with longer walks available on request. Taxi or transportation services also offered for vet appointments etc. Pet sitting is available for a range of animals from dogs and cats to rabbits and hamsters.                                  

I offer competitive prices and discounts for multiple dogs. Mizz Pawz is CRB Police checked and a fully insured Pet business with Pet Business Insurance, a specialist insurance for pet business owners. I am a trained Dog first aider and hold many dog training and behaviour qualifiction’s.

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