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Mizz Pawz now has quality dog related items for sale. At present payments can be made via bank transfer or Cash on collection. Items can be collected from Wishaw, North Lanarkshire or dropped off if local. Please find below our current available items. To Order any items please contact myself at mizzpawz@gmail.com, by text on 07865674073 or via facebook messanger.

Extra Large Snuffle Mat

Large Snuffle Mat – £29 each or Mini Snuffle Mat – £19 each both come in various two tone colours. Snuffle mats can be used as Slow feeders, as a food puzzle toy, giving your dog fun treat finding opportunities etc. Sniffing and snuffling helps your dog to relax, calm down, focus, gain mental stimuation and can reduce unwanted behaviours such as hyperactivity, indoor barking etc.

The Extra Large Snuffle Mats are approx (36cm x 46cm) 14” x 18” and the mini Snuffle mats are approx (36cm x 24cm) 14″ x 9.5″. Machine washable and sturdy. I’ve purposely made them denser and higher quality than usual snuffle mats to provide more enrichment and increase their hunting time for their food/treats.

Mini Snuffle Mat

They are ideal to encourage calmness with your dog, provide great enrichment opportunities, use for feeding times to slow down your dogs eating, great for fulfilling some of their natural hunting skills and ideal for teaching your dog how to do activities on their own to build their confidence.

Training Bells

Dog Communication/Training Bell – £4.50 each. These bells can be used just for fun to teach your dog how to ring a bell but they also have many practical uses. Such as teaching your dog to ring the bell for the toilet, helping build your dogs confidence and communications skills with the owners, working on your dogs noise sensitivity and for teaching your dog fun mental stimulation tricks.

Multi Leads with Control Handles

Multi Dog Leads – £14.50 each. These are ideal for medium to large breed dogs who can pull on the lead. Current Colour availability are: baby pink, dark red/wine, royal blue, black, orange, lilac.

They are specifically designed with two control handles built in to assist with more handler control if your dog is pulling, lunging at sniffs etc. The lead works well along side training for lead walking. It’s useful to stop the lead sliding through your hands and to avoid causing lead burns. Useful for road walking too for safety. It also has two clips which means it can be used in conjunction with “non pull” front clip harnesses (one clip on the front of the harness and one clip on the back of the harness). Due to the two clips you can also easily change the size of the lead to make it larger or smaller. It’s made from cushioned webbing and is durable.

Tug-E-Nuff Toys

Mac with WandaBaa Tug

Various Sheepskin and Rabbit Skin toys – prices starting from £16.15
These are my utterly favourite high value training toys/rewards. When used correctly these can be far more valuable to your dog than food. Dogs absolutely love these and really enjoy playing with them. These are very useful for working with controlling your dogs prey drive and especially for building a solid, reliable recall from distractions. This toy would be your dogs extra special training toy which come with you on walks and for training sessions.

SheepSkin Pocket Magnet (green handle in photo) – £17.95
Longer handled Sheepskin Chaser (Purple Handle) – £19.75
Rabbit skin Pocket Squeaker (not in photo) – £16.15
WandaBaa Sheepskin Bungee (Orange Handle) £17.95

In edition to this I am still a Tugenuff Partner so if you would rather buy their toys direct use code “MIZZPAWZ” for 10% off your order!

To Order any products contact us via text on 07865674073, or via email at mizzpawz@gmail.com

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