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I offer training for all different kinds of dog training and Behavioural issues you may be experiencing. From Puppy training all the way to senior dog’s. I do however specialize in Rescue dog rehabilitation, training your puppy for success, training blind dogs, working breed dogs and dog to dog aggression.

I have completed training on dog behaviour and Training including on specific topics of interest such as dog nutrition, Pet first aid, Separation Anxiety, dog cognition and emotional intelligence

I am a force-free, positive and Science based trainer, I am Approved and Qualified Dog Trainer through the IMDT including memebrship (The Institue of Modern Dog Trainers), I am also Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Coach with Canine Principles and on the UK National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists.  I abide by the Companian Animal Welfare Code of Best Practice (CAWC) and all Council regulations.

In 2021 I was awarded “The Best Dog Trainer in Scotland” through the Prestige Business Awards. I was also awarded the title of “Best Dog Trainer  in North Lanarshire 2020.” By Three Best Rated. I was the Animal Star Awards Finalist for Best UK Business 2020.

You can see the full extensive list of my current training qualification on my Facebook page under “Certificates” but to name a few I have:

IMDT Approved Dog Trainer

Canine Coaching Dip level 4 (with Distinction) By Canine Principles

Dog walking and Canine Care Dip level 4 (with distinction) By Canine Principles

Completed the Professional Dog Trainer Program by Ian Dunbar

Canine Nutrition & Health Certificate by Canine Principles

Completion of a 7-week Dog Emotion & Cognition Certificate by Brian Hare

Completion of a 7-day Dog Training Masterclass by Susan Garrett

Several certificates by Victoria Stillwell

I am also working towards my Canine Behaviour Professional level 5 Dip and the Holistic Canine Behavioural Professional dip level 5 along with many other courses and seminars. When your job is your hobby, you never want to stop learning and continue to learn evermore!

Since running my own company, I have also been writing blogs and articles, of which several have been published within various newspapers including video pieces shown in UK media outlets and Fox News. I have also been involved in creating, organising and carrying out bespoke Dog wedding packages and offer freelance training work through other companies such as daycare centers.

About our Dog Training Services 

I offer 1-2-1 Training session’s with dog and owner to work on any issues that the dog may be struggling with. Sessions available for any age, breed, or training problem. These sessions are usually carried out within the dog’s own home or an arranged outdoor area (Depending on the areas you wish to cover on the session). Video Sessions and Consultations are also offered for clients who live outside the coverage area.  My training sessions are bespoke and can cover anything from Puppy training all the way to senior dog. I do however specialize in Rescue dog rehabilitation, training your puppy for success, training blind dogs, working dogs and dog to dog aggression.

Bespoke 1-2-1 Puppy Training session’s

Our 1 to 1 puppy training sessions to give your puppy the best start in life, learn new skills and help you to understand how to care for, train and understand your puppy.
We cover everything from toilet training, puppy mouthing, basic training and impulse control, socialisation (its not just about meeting other dogs!), walking/Heelwork skills, recall work, advice on mental stimulation tasks and games, how to enrich your puppies life and much more! You will be able to pick and chose which things you would like covered on the sessions.

Prices start from just £70 per session for a course or £80 per session for one off appointments (depending on the issues you are expericing and the severity of the un-wanted behaviours.)

These sessions last around an hour to hour and a half, they include a follow up telephone consultation and check up a few weeks after the session. I also provide added support, if required, via call or messages.

Puppy Life Skills Course (Block of three) – Includes Certificate of Completion

This covers everything you need to know from toilet training to recall giving your dogs a good start in life, avoid as many issues as possible later in life and support your dog into adolescence. This course includes extensive theory and practical work. Each block is tailored to every individual dog, their strengths, weaknesses, their breed, their temperment and for their specific future aspiration’s (wither that be a family pet, a working home, a therapy dog, a dog whos owners want to travel with their dogs, use dog friendly accomodations/venues/cafe’s with a happy and relaxed dog).

The block is currently discounted to £70 per session which is £210 for the full course depending on your location. Payment must be made in full for the whole course at time of booking.

Loose lead walking and off lead Recall Training sessions

These sessions are 1-2-1 with owner and dog and can either be to improve your dog’s walking on the lead or improve your dog’s recall off the lead. We all know how great our dogs training can be within their home or quiet outdoor place, but what about once we start adding distractions such as birds, people, dogs, deer etc. Will your dog still have full focus on you? Will your dog still walk with a loose lead or call back?

This is a very common issue, dogs struggle to focus in higher distraction areas. As an owner, dogs have to be taught how to cope with these sitations. These sessions all include training their focus and attention outdoors under distraction.

I am a Certified dog trainer and coach with Canine Principles

Dog Lead pulling is one of the main dog training issues and most serious! Your dog pulling isnt just annoying or frustrating its also physically harning for the dog and owner. Most dog injures are from “Slip and Falls” when a dog catches the owner off guard and pulls them over. This can lead to broken bones, shoulder dislocations, whiplash etc. Not only this but even just regular consistent lead pulling can lead to serious injury for you and the dog such as Dislocations, muscle damage, ligament tears, throat damage, exessive joint wear and tear, ripped nails and cut paws. Its so important to get your dog back on track with their lead walking for both of your mental and physical health. At the training session I will Design and Implement a dog training programs, assess individual dogs and provide bespoke training plans.

These Sessions are £70 each and include a follow up consultation after a few weeks to check progress and offer any other advice.

Or you could chose the block of Three 1-2-1 Loose Leads walking course. This is 3 x outdoor tailored sessions focusing on outdoor handler focus, dog interaction skills, how to pass distraction, Loose lead walking skills and more. The 1-2-1 Loose Lead Course is £210 for all three sessions with a certificate of completion.

“Over excited Greeters” and Lead frustration Sessions

If you struggle with your dog being over excited in the house or out on walks (especially when meeting other people/dogs) then we offer 1-2-1 training sessions or video calls to work on this. These sessions also include dogs who bark, jump, lunge or snap at other passing dogs/people/bikes etc.

These sessions are from £80, the session is an hour to hour and a half.

Canine Enrichment Sessions – How to look after your dog’s mental health

Canine enrichment isn’t just about what puzzles they can do, what they can figure out or what tricks they can do. It’s a whole lifestyle, enrichment can be about their environment, their food, noises, music, giving them more choices and much more.

These sessions are from £60 each and carried out within the dogs home or at a local park. (Average session time 1 hour)

Confidence Building Sessions – Ideal for Low confidence, anxious Dog’s, or Rescue dog’s

Help your dog feel on top of the world again and regain their confidence. Low confidence can dramatically affect your dog. These sessions can be done in person or via Video consultation.

Confidence Sessions From £70 (1 to 1 and a half hour’s) and include a follow up call after a few weeks and support via call or message.

Dog Training Creative Writer/Blogger

I am able to write articles on any various differernt requested dog topic such as Dog treats and Nutrition (Natural, Homemade and raw feeding), light hearted or amusing stories, more serious articles on caring for your dog including hiking, Travelling with your dog (Camping and using dog friendly accommodations), How to positively train dogs, dog Behaviour, about dog walking and Dog training as a profession, Specialist articles on training and assisting blind dogs, articles featuring my own dog who travels the UK on her Motorbike, dog rescue stories and advice, and other suggested topics. I have a huge amount of experience in the dog sector and have been a professional in this industry for over 8 years working with various types of dogs including Pedigree and rescue dogs.

Since running my own company, I have been writing blogs and articles, of which several have been published within various newspapers including video pieces shown in UK media outlets and a feature atricle in The Dog Friendly Magazine.

I have also been involved in creating, organising and carrying out bespoke Dog wedding packages.

As featured in the Daily Record – Mizz Pawz Charity donation yearly collections for local animal charities. (Click photo for Daily Record online article)
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